Almost half of the world is on social media, but sometimes the amount of time spent on it, the number of followers you have to keep up with and the pressure of feeling like everyone else is doing I better can lead to “social media fatigue,” especially for people trying to use social media for business. This can lead to anxiety, burnout, depression and irritability. Sometimes, stepping away from social media for a bit is the way to go. It’s also important to be authentic and creative while also being selective about your time and attention, since you often can’t focus on everything in the social media sphere at once.

Key Takeaways:

  • Data suggests that attention spans for social media users have decreased to about 8 seconds.
  • Besides anxiety, there may even be an increase in the possibility of palpitations among chronic social media users.
  • Constant exposure to other brands and businesses they must compete with can lead some passionate business owners to feel less satisfied with their own enterprises.

“Social media is rife with comparison, and psychological research has shown that such comparisons can lead to anxiety and acute stress. Clearly, the pressure of building a small business using social media is leading to social media fatigue amongst business owners. The idea of posting fills them up with dread.”

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