In the past 5 years, a number of studies have been completed on old-time home remedies as cures. Before the age of pharmaceuticals these remedies were relied on. Remedies such as oatmeal for bug bites, and aloe for burns have been used for generations as home remedies. Now, we have the science to prove, and sometimes, disprove their effectiveness. Like pharmaceuticals, natural cures may interact with other medications you are taking, or possibly even each other, so check with your medical provider before testing out any home remedy.

Key Takeaways:

  • The combination of lactic acid and ascorbic acid found in buttermilk can help remove age spots from your skin.
  • Recent studies suggest that vitamin C really can reduce allergy symptoms in many people.
  • Dermatologists have endorsed the use of oatmeal to soothe bug bites.

“Your grandmother and her doctors probably swore by these fixes, and now science is catching up with them.”

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